Nou Va

Nou Va (Pursat, 1979) is a human rights educator, activist and idealist. He graduated with a B.A. in Law and Education and has been working on human rights issues in Cambodia since then. During the last 5 years he has planned, coordinated and directed outreach projects in the context of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal as a member of the Cambodian NGO, Khmer Institute of Democracy (KID). He trained volunteers all over the country to become "Citizen Advisors", who play a crucial role in assisting Khmer Rouge survivors in legal matters.

  • Want to see the truth (doc. 2006): about the efforts of Cambodia's youth in understanding Cambodia‚Äôs Khmer Rouge history

  • Unforgettable Past (doc. 2007): about Khmer Rouge victim's efforts in seeking truth, justice and healing in the context of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

  • Religious Persecution (doc. 2007): about the persecution of religious practices during the Khmer Rouge regime

  • Who is the victim? (doc. 2008): about the difficult relationship between Khmer Rouge victims and perpetrators in today's Cambodia

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