Leah Roth-Howe

Leah Roth-Howe (Massachusetts, 1985),  graduated with a BA from Macalester College with a double major in Geography and American Studies. For the past 5 years, Leah has worked collaboratively with Chicago's diverse communities around social justice issues, particularly those pertaining to public housing and healing from genocide.

A recipient of the 2008 100 Projects for Peace grant, Leah traveled to Cambodia to work with youth and adults who are struggling to understand their Khmer Rouge history.

Through a series of participatory educational and artistic workshops in the U.S. and Cambodia, youth explored legacies of the Khmer Rouge genocide and the kind of sustainable future they want to ensure for their families and respective countries. The drawings, poetry and prose created in the workshops have been assembled into a cross cultural and intergenerational traveling exhibition.


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