Jens Joester

Jens Joester (Frankfurt am Main 1983 – Kampot 2009) was a talented graphic/animation artist based in Germany.  He created digital and video art for television programs (including VIVA TV and MTV), design companies, music and video artists, before traveling to Cambodia in the fall of 2008 to embark on his final challenging project, the making of this film. He saw the film through its completion and successful launch in Phnom Penh before a tragic accident took his life.   This is how Jens used to introduce himself:  

Jens JoesterJens Joester

... As he doesn't really enjoy writing in the third person (und weiß dass auch andere so denken) = let's change this. I have had the pleasure of working and learning in the arts of photography, animation and editing around the world for a diverse array of projects and organizations.

My start at a young age as a best boy/ dishwasher in one of the most elegant restaurants in Berlin taught me the methods and the discipline that I needed to become a conscious artist.

I hold a passion for abstracting, researching, collecting and composing from a young age. I "specialized” myself in motion design, creative direction and photography to fulfill my passion. I hold a special interest for mid-sized companies, NGOs, start-up filmmakers and musicians.

any way feel free to drop me a line...

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