Khmer Institute of Democracy

KID has been operating in Cambodia since 1992 and works to promote a liberal democratic order and to foster citizen participation and engagement.
KID's Khmer Rouge Tribunal Outreach Project, which started in 2004, is a community-based outreach conciliatory program that aims to facilitate Khmer Rouge survivors' access to the ECCC. Through this project, KID aims to strengthen community-based outreach by informing the surviving population and their descendents about meaning and scopes of the KRT, its process and how survivors can get involved. Khmer Institute of Democracy

The International Center for Conciliation

The International Center for Conciliation (ICfC) is a small Boston-based non-governmental organization that operates in several areas around the world where people are overcoming identity-based conflict. ICfC believes that peacebuilders and societies must address the past, and memory in particular, as something that must be worked through and put into perspective before sustainable peace can be achieved. Through its Justice and History Outreach project Cambodia, ICfC aims to increase the capacity of the older generation of Cambodia that was affected by the Khmer Rouge to discuss and face their personal, regional and national histories.  Additionally, ICfC seeks to increase the capacity of future generations to understand their history in order to be able to move beyond it and prevent future violence. ICfC hopes to promote sustainable peace in Cambodia by facing the tragic history of conflict and brutality that strongly defines the country. The International Center for Conciliation 

Transcultural Psychosocial Organization

The “Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation Cambodia” (TPO) was established in Cambodia in 1995 as a branch of the Netherlands based NGO “TPO International”. After being registered in 2000 as independent local NGO, “TPO Cambodia” is today the leading Cambodian NGO in the field of mental health and psychosocial interventions. The Program was developed in response to the need to heal the psychological wounds of the Cambodians caused by the civil war and the genocidal regime between 1975 -1979.
With the establishment of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal TPO set up a special program to support victims of the Khmer Rouge regime and especially those, who participate actively in the court's proceedings. Transcultural Psychosocial Organization

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