26 Januar 2010, 'Ending The Silence' in Marburg

26 Januar 2010, 'Ending The Silence' in Marburg, CCS-Center for Conflict Studies, Philipp Universität:

Through a series of interactive and participatory art workshops with survivors of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge genocide and their descendants, the participatory documentary film, We Want (U) To Know was born.  Envisioned, filmed, acted and co-directed by Cambodian survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide and their grandchildren, We Want (U) To Know is a striking illustration of a Cambodian community struggling to confront, acknowledge, and heal from the atrocities and trauma they experienced as survivors of the genocide.  Using art as a tool for communication and healing across generations, participants explored issues of healing, forgiveness, legacy, culturally sensitive reconciliation, responsibility, peace building, and the consequences of silence.

As members of the film crew that created We Want (U) To Know, Ella Pugliese and Leah Roth-Howe will introduce the participatory process that they were a part of: They will show extracts of the film accompanied by art work created by survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide and their descendents from a rural village while contextualizing this project against the backdrop of the current UN Khmer Rouge Trial in Phnom Penh.

 "As a grandchild of German Holocaust refugees that are actively involved in documenting and telling their Holocaust stories for constructive purposes, I strongly believe that we can only move forward and learn from history if we engage future generations in educational, meaningful, and constructive teaching methods that contextualize such historical events and render them relevant to our lives today.”
Leah Roth-Howe, Art workshop Facilitator

"Through this presentation in Germany, we hope that We Want (U) To Know can act as a cross-cultural teaching tool for students examining issues of social justice as it illustrates different ways that art can be used to educate and inspire direct action.”
Ella Pugliese, Film Director

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